R15.0.1 Release Notes

March 8, 2024

1 Release notes revision

This file constitutes revision 0 of the release notes for LS-DYNA version R15.0.1.

2 License

The string “REVISION 15” must appear in the LS-DYNA license file to run version R15.0.1. Please contact your LS-DYNA distributor or your Ansys sales representative if you need to have your license updated.

3 Documentation

The R15.0 User’s Manuals provide documentation for R15.0.1. To download these manuals, go to http­s://ls­dy­na.an­sys.­com/­man­u­al­s/.

4 Notes

The remainder of this file briefly describes the bug in version R15.0.0 that led to R15.0.1. To see the release notes for R15.0.0, go to http­s://ft­p.l­stc.­com/anony­mous/out­go­ing/­sup­port­/­FAQ/Re­leaseNotes/Re­lease_­Notes_­L­S-­DY­NA_­R15_­0_­0_­rev0.html.

5 Bug Fixes

5.1 Forming Analysis

  1. Fixed bug in Windows MPP LS-DYNA for metal forming problems that involved adaptivity. The bug caused the run to fail due to an i/o issue.